Friday, November 5, 2010

Philippine Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps

this blog will inspire you on how do Philippine air force changes a life of a simple boy and a girl to an officer lady and gentlemen and on how did this organization molded me.

when i entered this organization i felt doubtful because im not sure if my decision is correct. let me narrate to you my story of being a cadet officer of our organization named PAFROTC.

when i was recognized being an aspirant of my organization which i had just mentioned a while ago i was so happy in spite of difficulties because i felt im lucky because not all person tried what i have tried.

it was 5 months of vigorous training and i thought i would give up but thanks God he didnt leave me alone. i can still remember all those pain that i had survived and it gave me a very good impact about my new personality, and our awaited time came, our Cadet Officer Qualifying Course( COQC) has just started. i cant believe that i got through in this part of my cadetship. i was so happy that i am one of the selected teenager who undergo a military training like COQC and this training is the most awaited part of our cadetship because in this training we are being recognize as a cadet officer. ill show you some of my pictures during my training.


                                                                     BAHAGIBAY 2010
                                           (Bagong Anak ng Haring AGIlang tagapag-gaBAY)

even if its hard and were tired we still smile because we are happy to underso in this training.


i do still imagine my traning :)


my self hehe :)


even if its hard to be separated in our families but still we survived:)

and after a long battle, i together with my classmates survived  our COQC and were waiting for our Summer Cadre Training, the training which we are waiting for.

I do hope you will also be a part of the AFP institution so that you will learn and feel how do soldiers love our country.

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